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Document & Clearing Services | Business Setup

United Arab Emirates

We work alongside with several authorities across the UAE and support a more diversified and innovative service-based economy.


First Secure
delivers a comprehensive range of Business men services for corporate clients

For over two decades First Secure specialize in DED, Freezone, Immigration and Labor services to local corporations operating in the UAE. Our growing client base spans more than 50 companies operating out of every major mainland jurisdiction in the Emirates. We are also the trusted partner of several leading overseas-based immigration law firms, which outsource their UAE-related mandates to us.


We offer:

Choose among these packages and start your DREAM LIFE in Dubai

Free Zone

7-Business Days
AED 6,790
  • No corporate tax
  • No paid-up capital
  • Office setup


4-Business Days
AED 5,250
  • Unlimited visas
  • Trade License
  • Office setup


6-Business Days
AED 8,500
  • Business Freedom
  • No paid-up capital
  • Office Space

Only in 3 steps to launch your Business

In these simple 3 steps, Open your company in the UAE


Choose Trade Lisence

To operate your business, you need to have the right license. There are a wide range of options for you to choose from.


Document Preperation

You’ll need to ensure you have your paperwork in order to set up your business in UAE, from passport copies to no-objection letters.



Businesses require working visas for legal residence. You’ll need to ensure you have the correct entry working permits for your employees.






Frequently Asked Questions

If you have opted for a license package with visas, once your license registration is done, your company establishment card will be issued, then you may apply for visas under the company sponsorship.

After finalizing the License Package with the sales team, the following documents will be required:

License application form, duly filled

Passport copy in color, of owner(s) & person in‐charge (first page, residence page or any UAE entry stamp here in UAE)

Brief business activity / Business Activity

Other relevant documents as requested

Once your documents have been assessed, and your company name has been approved, we shall send you the initial approval via email, along with the invoice for payment.

Note: Some nationalities need to apply for license pre‐approval before company set‐up. We shall advise you accordingly.

Once the License fee is paid, it will take 2-3 working days to issue the License.

There are many great benefits of holding a UAE residency visa. As well as being able to live and work in the Emirates, as a resident you are also able to open a personal bank account with zero income tax and access other financial facilities, apply for a UAE driving license, access government health services and facilities, enrol your children in government and private schools and travel visa free to destinations including Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Azerbaijan if needed.

If you have opted for a license package with visas, the establishment card will beneeded. After receipt of the card registration fee, the process will take from 7 to 10 working days. A copy will be provided for your reference, while the original retained.

The following set of documents will be provided:

Company Trade License

Certificate of Incorporation

Shares Certificate

Articles of Incorporation / MOA

Office Lease Agreement (as actual or flexi‐desk, as chosen by client)


No, we only require a color copy of the passport for issuing the e-visa. The original passport is required only at the stages of visa amendment and residency stamping.

The steps are the following:

Employment E-Visa Application (processing time- 2-3 working days *subject to Government approval )

Once visa is issued, you can entry the country using E-visa; or Visa Amendment for applicants within the UAE who do not wish to exit the country

Medical Test

Applying for Emirates ID

Residency Stamping (processing time- 2-3 working days)

Work Permit/ Labour Card (processing time- 2-3 working days)

All new and renewal visa applications must be submitted to and processed by freezone authority

You can set up a company if you have a visit UAE entry stamp or a residence visa at the time of company registration. 

The processing time for registering a company is 2-3 working days.

An ultimate beneficial owner is the natural person who:

directly or indirectly owns or controls an establishment.

Owns more than 25% of the establishment’s equity,

Holds more than 25% of the establishment’s voting powers.

Has the authority to appoint or dismiss any of its board of directors.

If the above-mentioned conditions cannot be met, the senior management officer of the establishment will be considered as the ultimate beneficial owner.

They are as follows: (a) the companies in financial free zones like Abu Dhabi Gold Markets and Dubai International Financial Centre, and (b) the companies which are directly or indirectly owned or affiliated by the Federal or Emirate Government.

Entities will need to assess who constitutes a UBO and consider whether anyone is a nominee Director / Manager. The Register of Shareholders / Partners is not a new concept as this is a requirement outlined in the UAE Commercial Companies Law, as well as in respective Free Zone Companies Regulations. Although the Resolution requires additional information to be detailed (for example, voting rights).


Combating money laundering practices and crimes

Strengthening the efforts made by the concerned authorities to combat money laundering

Combating terrorism financing and financing of suspicious organizations

Avoid violating the law and register your establishment in the approved systems to combat money laundering.

Prevent money laundering risks and help combat financing of terrorism & illegal organizations

Protect your investments and register your establishment in anti-money laundering systems to avoid penalties and fines.

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Economy website.

Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (“DNFBP’s) must register on a “goAML portal”.  The goAML portal is a integrated platform used to file Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) and/or Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR).

It is your obligatory duty under the Federal Decree Law 20 of 2018 and Article 20(2) of Cabinet Decision No. (10) of 2019, to have procedures in place to report Suspicious Transactions to manage anti-money laundering (“AML) and counter terrorist financing (“CFT”). This system will allow you to help authorities identify criminal and suspicious activity.

Given the vulnerabilities associated with the use of nominees, Registrars shall consider enhancing controls to regulate nominee arrangements with a view to promote transparency of beneficial ownership with the ultimate aim to fight corruption and money laundering activities which have been known to mask themselves behind nominees, in the UAE and

UAE enacted laws that require nominees to expressly identify themselves, to the entity itself and to their regulatory authority. This mandatory self-identification is meant to make the search for beneficial owners more transparent, as well as to impose penalties against nominees who fail to appropriately disclose their status.

UAE legislation empowers registrars to require a natural or legal person holding shares to disclose whether or not the person holds shares as trustee or nominee for or on behalf of another person and, if so, to disclose the name of the person and any instructions in relation to the transaction.


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