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About Us

First Secure

We work alongside with several authorities across the UAE and support a more diversified and innovative service-based economy.

We are
First Secure!

First Secure is a business service provider based in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in helping in company formation, First Secure holds official licensing as a corporate services provider in UAE.

First Secure Business Set-up
Our Team

Our Team

First Secure team is highly qualified in Government documents and clearing service, First Secure creates innovative solutions that provide our clients with the best possible results in terms of Government PRO Services.

Our Team

Our commitment to customer service is unmatched and we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed in their businesses.

First Secure Business Set-up

Who we are?

Our growing client base spans more than 50 companies operating out of every major mainland jurisdiction in the Emirates. We are also the trusted partner of several leading overseas-based immigration law firms, which outsource their UAE-related mandates to us.

We manage thousands of employment visas and related dependent visas annually, providing expert advice, fast execution and cost-efficient visa outsourcing solutions.

Our highly-qualified multilingual team of consultants navigate all complex administrative procedures on behalf of our clients providing results, solutions and 100% transparency.

Why Choose Us

Save time and money

Our expert consultants and mobile PROs are up to date on the latest regulations, processes and are highly efficient.


Access and review protected employee data 24/7 via our shared secure.

Employer of choice:

Our team guarantees efficient, transparent, professional service. Keep employees and HR happy!

Compliance Confidentiality

Keep sensitive employee and company details secure, and let our team make sure you maintain compliance.

Client Testimonials

I've been looking for a security system for a while. I found 1st secure and their customer service was unmatched. They walked me through the whole process and were very patient with me even when I didn't know what questions to ask them. It's been almost a month now and I can't find any issues with the system. Highly Recommend!
Alec Asgari
I have been using 1st Secure for over a year now and they are absolutely the best. They are very trustworthy and always end up solving my problems. The customer service is great, they always answer all my questions quickly and help me out when I need it most.

Katrin Brayan
After my personal experience with 1st secure, I can unequivocally say that it's the best. The security is unparalleled and the customer service is second to none. My confidence in their products has never been greater and I won't be going to any other company anytime soon.

Hananeh Zaheb